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Are you a contractor or a DYI homeowner in the Greater Toronto Area looking for steel studs and framing? Parliament Building Supplies offers more than just the hardware and fasteners to get you started — and finished — with your next construction or renovation project.

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Steel Studs and Framing

We provide the Greater Toronto Area with the right building supplies to complete any large – or small – construction project. We carry a variety of drywall steel studs and framing products to suit your building project needs. Whether it is for home or commercial renovations, a brand new build, or a unique project, you can browse our Toronto warehouse or call us to schedule a delivery.

Steel studs are an accepted alternative to wood framing because they do not shrink, spit, burn, or rot. Plus, they are straight and light weight. Unlike wood, they are extremely forgiving during the assembly process. They can be unscrewed and reattached at a whim when required. This makes fixing minor measuring errors that much easier.


Parliament Building Supplies carries these steel stud and framing products:

C-Shaped Metal Studs – Provides vertical strength in a wall assembly
U-Shape Metal Channels – Aligns the stud systems from the ceiling and floor
I-Shaped Metal Studs – Frame around vertical shafts, stairwell and ducts
H-Shaped Metal Studs – Frame non-bearing walls
Structural Metal Studs – Structural building elements


The Benefits of Steel Studs and Framing

Contractors and homeowners looking to do DIY work find steel studs and framing beneficial to use during the construction process. Assembly is incredibly fast compared to using wood studs. This can save you a considerable amount of time and money. Nail pops are also avoided, reducing callbacks and increasing customer satisfaction.

Parliament Building Supplies also carries the necessary hardware for the entire project. This includes fasteners and hardware, and even lumber. You can visit our warehouse in Toronto, or call us for a delivery across the Greater Toronto Area. Stop by or call for all of your construction building supplies.

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