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Parliament Building Supplies carries a variety of lumber for every construction project. Spruce lumber is among the most commonly sought after lumber for heavy duty construction, but can still be used for decks. Big or small, we have the wood you need to get the job done.

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Spruce Lumber Building Supplies

Parliament Building Supplies offers a variety of lumber for every building project – including spruce lumber. Spruce lumber is a member of the pine family, and is used throughout Toronto and the GTA for construction. You can use it for either commercial or residential construction, but it tends to be used for larger projects.

These larger projects include bridge work, telephone poles and railroad ties. It can also be transformed into plywood that withstands rot and decay. You will find the versatility of spruce lumber ideal for construction.

The spruce tree is most commonly found growing in clusters in southeastern United States, with no other specific designation. Pine has always been a go to choice as a building material, and spruce fits perfectly in that category. Though it does produce sap that can be tough on sanding tools and machinery, you can expect it be strong, resilient and sturdy, standing the test of time.


Spruce lumber is classified as:

Sustainability – Spruce is not “at risk” and no considered to be rare, making it very common.

Workability – Spruce a strong surface, and though it produces sap that causes a minor inconvenience for tools, regular cleaning will resolve any issues.

Availability – Spruce is expensive to ship because of its dense, heavy weight, making it more common in the eastern part of North America.

Decay – Heartwood spruce is harder, and an excellent choice for rot and decay prevention.

Grain – Spruce is a fine to medium texture, and maintains is grain during the building process without twisting or warping.

Colour – Spruce is described as having a light, reddish-brown heartwood colour.


The Benefits of Spruce Lumber

The trees are farmed because of their popularity and quick maturity. Even the younger trees have few knots when harvested. Parliament Building Supplies works closely with these farms, providing you with access to large orders of spruce lumber at more affordable prices anywhere in Toronto.

You can view our supplies onsite, or request a quote online.

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