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Nails, screws and hardware are typically the staple of any work or home construction site. They bind the materials, and need to be of high quality if you want the structure to remain reliable. Parliament Building Supplies carries a variety of fasteners to suit your needs.

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Nails, Screws and Hardware

Regardless of what the job is, you are going to need the right nails and screws to bring the project together. Parliament Building Supplies can help you find the right hardware for the job you are working on. We deliver to the Greater Toronto Area, and have a warehouse located conveniently in Toronto. We also have the lumber and steel studs you need.


Parliament Building Supplies carries these nails and screws:



The Benefits of Nails

Nails are usually called for during light construction. This can be window and door trims, roof shingles, and framing. When holding power does not pose an issue, nails are a great choice to use as a fastener. Compared to screws, they are also less expensive and easier to install – with both a hammer and a nail gun.


The Benefits of Screws

Screws are extremely versatile, and can be used in all sorts of construction. When the project requires stronger holding power, you should opt for screws. They offer more grip because they are threaded, and grasp the material that you are screwing into better.

You should consider bolts or heavy duty fasteners if you are building something that requires more hold.

Parliament Building Supplies can help you determine whether you need nails, screws or something more heavy duty. You can either request a quote online or stop by our Toronto showroom.

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