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Whether you are a contractor or a DIY homeowner, insulation is one the most important components of any home or building. It is required for energy efficiency and comfort, and should never be underestimated or overlooked when it comes to quality.

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Insulation Building Supplies

The quality of your insulation system determines the energy efficiency and comfort of your home – or any building for that matter. It comes down to the insulation you choose and how you install it. When performing a DIY insulation project, you want to make sure you get the best insulation for where you are installing it. If you are a contractor in Toronto, you already know that the homeowners are starting to care more and more about home comfort and energy efficiency.


The Benefits of Insulation

If your home is too hot or too cold, too drafty, and costs far too much to keep comfortable, your home may have inadequate insulation. Your solution can be found at Parliament Building Supplies. We have affordable insulation that will save you money (or make you money), and make your home (or your client’s home) more comfortable.

At Parliament Building Supplies, we supply only the highest quality insulation products. This includes fiberglass batts, fiberglass loose-fill, polystyrene boardstock, and more. We can help you choose the right insulation type for your garage, attic, basement, crawlspace, or wherever else in your home insulation is required. Plus, we only carry the best brand name insulation, such as Owens Corning (known for their PINK PANTHER insulation).


Our knowledgeable staff will:

  • Tell you what expect and answer any questions you have about insulation
  • Provide you with the installation guidelines and specifications
  • Help you choose the best equipment and materials for your project
  • Follow health and safety procedures

Parliament Building Supplies proudly serves Toronto, and the Greater Toronto Area, including: Markham, North York, Oakville, Mississauga, Scarborough, Vaughan, Maple, Woodbridge, Thornhill, Concord, New Market and Aurora.


Types of Insulation

Insulation is made of everything from recycled newspapers and glass to newer, specially designed material specifically for insulation products. This includes cellulose, foam, foil and fiberglass. Each requires a different method of installation, and knowing which is right for you will help you save money and start your project off on the right foot.

Fiberglass – You can purchase fiberglass insulation as either a roll or as batts. This insulation is easier to work with, and easy to cut and fit into place. You should wear the proper safety equipment, including safety goggles and a mask. There is also a spray-in alternative, which is easier to install into cavities but messier overall. The choice is yours.

Foam – Foam insulation is usually comprised of polystyrene. This insulation acts as a sound deadener and can be a moisture barrier. It is rigid, sturdy and is simple to cut to fit. You can also glue it into place, and it provides great thermal resistance and noise reduction in attics and interior walls.

Foil – Foil insulation is used as a radiant barrier in attic insulation. It prevents heat from conducting from the exterior of a heated roof into the attic space. This traps the heat into the attic floor, warming your air ducts, and ultimately, saving costs of up to 10% on your electrical costs.

Cellulose – Cellulose insulation is for the hard to reach areas of your home. When cutting and fitting insulation is not practical, just spray or pour in loose fill cellulose. Cellulose insulation is effective but messy. Again, make sure you wear the proper safety equipment.


Your Insulation Supplies

We provide homeowners and contractors across the Greater Toronto Area with building supplies for new builds and renovation projects. If your next DIY project requires insulation, you should stop by Parliament Building Supplies. If you are looking for a larger insulation order, you can always call in advance, or request your free quote online.

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